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June & July Artist

Christina Conrath
Taller Than The Trees Photography

Friday June 7th 5pm-7pm

Join us for the First Friday Art Walk

Find out more about The First Friday Art Walk here...


Hello, my name is Christina Conrath. I grew up in Spokane, Washington, went to school in San Diego and then Virginia, and eventually started working at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville, Florida. I moved to Kodiak in 2008 when I got a job as a research fisheries biologist at the NOAA facility on Near Island. Living in such a beautiful place eventually led me into photography, though I resisted purchasing a DSLR for a number of years convinced that I would never want to carry such a big clunky camera around. I began my photography journey in earnest when I purchased my first ‘big’ camera in 2015. The stunning scenery of this island is a constant inspiration. My photography is focused on landscapes, but I also love to photograph wildflowers, mushrooms, and occasionally wildlife (who can resist a bear or an orca or all those adorable sea otters?).  I started Taller Than the Trees Photography in 2019. My photography is an expression of my awe and appreciation for the scenery and wildlife of this beautiful island.

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