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Feburary Artist

Allison Middleton

Friday February 3rd at 5pm-7pm

Join us for the First Friday Art Walk

and Meet Allison Middleton

Find out more about The First Friday Art Walk here...


"I was born and raised in a small town in Missouri and began pursuing art from a very young age. I learned many different forms of art growing up but it wasn’t until college that I found the medium I became truly passionate about - stained glass. I had the opportunity to work in the stained glass shop at College of the Ozarks while I earned my degree in graphic design. In 2020 I got married to my husband Will who works for the Alaska Department of Fish & Game. His connection to Alaska gave me the opportunity to explore the state and be inspired by the mountains and glaciers, bays and forests, wildflowers and yes, even XtraTuf boots. Since recently moving to Kodiak, I‘ve been able to work on bringing Alaska to life in my graphic designs and non-traditional forms of stained glass, combining glass and wood. I love challenging how my audience sees stained glass and reminding locals of the awe and wonder they are surrounded with, which is what I see as a newcomer."

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