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photo courtsey of The Kodiak Chamber of Commerce

The Kodiak Crab Festival is produced annually by the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce for the benefit of the residents of Kodiak, Alaska. Crab Fest is a time for the community to celebrate the abundant resources that we receive from the sea. The festival is held Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, ending on Memorial Day. 

The festival (originally known as the King Crab Festival) began in 1958 to market a new industry: King Crab. King Crab was, at that time not a well-known or popular food. As the King Crab industry declined and other crab fisheries grew in Kodiak, the “King” was dropped and the festival became the “Kodiak Crab Festival”. Though some years there may not be an abundance of crab food on the midway, the name has remained for historical reasons.

2020 crab fest poster


Jena Lowmaster grew up in the small mountain town of Flagstaff, Arizona. Before she came to Kodiak, she previously work in NYC and SF in photography and advertising. She currently resides in Kodiak with her husband Chas and their puppy Khione. She is a photographer, designer, avid skier and lover of the outdoors. Kodiak has been an inspiration to her creativity. 


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