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As a collaborative aritst, you can rent wall space in the gallery with pricing dependent on space available, visibility desired and personal artist needs.  We have 4 major walls broken down into varying sections, as seen below:

Gallery Wall Dimensions (1).jpg


Contract Responsibilities

By providing a structured gallery space for established and upcoming local artists to show their work, we hope to create a dynamic environment for creators and connoisseurs to enjoy. Wall space will be available in 3 month increments, unless otherwise noted.

Artist Responsibilities at time of signing contract:

  • Artwork:

    • Original art & prints

      • Any prints not for display will be stored in our print bins in the showroom

  • Artist will provide these items in digital form (PDF or Word file):

    • A one paragraph bio.

    • Itemized spread sheet of  artwork, sizes, prices and quantities.

    • Quality scans of all art work in 72dpi to be used for advertising and artist page      on website

      • If this is not available The Frame shop will provide this service for an additional $10 fee per 11x17 scan.

    • contact info:

      • web pages

      • Etsy pages

      • business cards or flyers

  • Go over layout worksheet with The Frame Shop and sign off on chosen layout.

  • Look over Events Participation Form with The Frame Shop and choose dates and events of interest.

  • Artist fees:

    • 1st month’s payment will be made

    • Any Scanning fees.

  • Sign contract and accept Info Packet

The Frame Shop’s Responsibilities at time of Contract Signing:

  • The Frame Shop will accept digital forms of artist bio,  inventory/price list and scanned artwork (to be used for advertising and artist page on website).

  • Hanging artwork:

    • A layout worksheet to be worked on with artist and signed off by both The Frame Shop and artist

  • Info packet will be provided by The Frame Shop in printed or digital form

    • Artist & The Frame Shop responsibility at time of contract signing

    • List of events to participate in will be filled out with artist

    • Signed layout work sheet

    • Events page

    • Calendar of contract period:

      • Events

      • Payment schedule

      • Artwork hanging and removal dates

    • Artwork change form

    • List of payment options and date to be paid

    • Signed contract

    • Comment page to be turned in at end of contract date.

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