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Sally Troxell


I come from a long line of quiltmakers and seamstresses. I own quilts made by my Great-grandmother, Great Aunt, Grandmother and my Mother.  There are pictures of the last time I saw my Grandmother, of my sisters and I sitting at her feet as she tried to teach us how to tat.  My mother, a seamstress and quiltmaker,  taught me to knit and sew at a young age.

The first quilts I made were utilitarian-for my children, babies of friends.  But you only need so many quilts, so I started making Art quilts intended to hang on the wall. Then, and now, my quilts tend to represent Kodiak in some form. There is constant inspiration from this beautiful place where I am lucky enough to live.

 Several years ago, I was fortunate to attend a relief printing workshop with Evon Zerbetz.  After that, my work changed dramatically.  If I was going to incorporate my own printed images into my quilts, I wanted to print on fabric that I dyed myself, so I taught myself how to dye.  My pieces often incorporate embroidery, beads, and a variety of fiber embellishments.

I have had a piece juried into Earth, Fire, and Fiber at the Anchorage Museum, and the Baranof Museum received a Rasmussen grant to purchase 4 pieces for their permanent collection.

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