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Hello, I’m Angela Toci artist and owner of Birchtree Blooms.

I work from my living room studio on Kodiak Island in Alaska where I paint watercolors as a way to savor the beauty of our natural world.

For me, my artwork is about slowing down and taking time to enjoy what I see, letting my mind go on an adventure. *Yes, I am a Tolkien fan. * My artwork is also about throwing in a little sprinkle of magic with stars and moons.

My love of art began in my teens and continued into adulthood as I collected multiple crafty hobbies. About 13 years ago I took a beginners watercolor class and I fell in love with the medium, but the busy days of raising young boys had me pushing pause on pursuing my art.

In the summer of 2015, during a challenging time in my life, I pulled out my watercolors and set up at the kitchen table in an effort to nurture and reconnect with myself. Those summer months painting were pivotal in easing my stress and anxiety. Painting allowed me to focus on beautiful colors, the flow of the water mixing with the pigment as it created magic on my paper. The simple delight of giving myself a voice to what I couldn’t say in words was freeing.

The more I painted the more I saw the world through the colors on my palette; burnt sienna, ultramarine blue, yellow ochre… The beauty of light and color was all around me when I took the time to see.

angela toci

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