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Gerry Cobban Knagin

Gerry Cobban Knagin was raised within a commercial fishing and subsistence living culture, continues to show her love for the outdoors through photography.  She strives to tell the story of the animal in her photos. The long Alaskan spring and summers days have her out in the field from daylight to almost dark, usually 14 to 16 hours. Watch for her walking the beaches with her two Australian Cattle Dogs or riding along on her seiner, the F/V Rubicon capturing life with one of her many Nikon cameras.


Sally Troxell

I come from a long line of quiltmakers and seamstresses. I own quilts made by my Great-grandmother, Great Aunt, Grandmother and my Mother.  There are pictures of the last time I saw my Grandmother, of my sisters and I sitting at her feet as she tried to teach us how to tat.  My mother, a seamstress and quiltmaker,  taught me to knit and sew at a young age.

The first quilts I made were utilitarian-for my children, babies of friends.  But you only need so many quilts, so I started making Art quilts intended to hang on the wall. Then, and now, my quilts tend to represent Kodiak in some form. There is constant inspiration from this beautiful place where I am lucky enough to live.


Natasha Zahn

I'm Natasha, and I live on Kodiak Island in the Gulf of Alaska. I can't escape Alaska's influence on my work: coastal Alaska can be gray and green for long periods of time, but when it's sunny and bright here, it's unlike any place on earth! I delight in capturing those sudden moments in my work so that my art brings a happy burst of color to people's lives.


I love working at markets, meeting locals and visitors, and making connections with the people who enjoy my designs.  In addition to selling my art independently, my art can be found at retailers around the state and through Alaska Souvenir.  Five of my pieces are in the permanent collection at the Kodiak History Museum. I sell wholesale as well; businesses, please contact me to gain access to the wholesale page.

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Stacy Studebaker

Creative spirit, artist, botanist, birder and teacher. Since she landed on Kodiak Island in 1980, Stacy has never stopped being inspired by and curious about the natural wonders of our unique environment. She feels a strong sense of duty and passion to advocate for wilderness, public lands and wildlife. Her artwork reflects this and has taken many forms to express this love of nature through photography, drawing, mandala art, music and graphic design. Stacy has published three children’s books, a botanical field guide and runs her own publishing business, Sense of Place Press. 


Marina Thomas

Born and raised in Kodiak Alaska Marina Thomas grew up fishing on her dad's boat commercial fishing (Halibut long lining and Dungeness crabbing) in her early teens. She  moved on to Salmon Hatcheries, Research & Monitoring as a Fish Technician and is now working as a marine biologist. In 2021 Marina created the artwork for The Frame Shop’s Celebrate Kodiak line of fine art prints and this year she has worked with Bonnie Dillard to create a mural at the Visitors Center to greet the tourist that come to Kodiak. You may have also noticed the beautiful puffin mural that she designed and painted as you drive out of the City on Rezonoff.  Marina's artwork is greatly inspired by the encounters and observations she has witnessed over the years of fishing and remote living.


Hanna Sholl

My name is Hanna Sholl, my Sugpiaq (Alutiiq) name is Agasuuq, meaning cormorant. I was born in Kodiak, Alaska to Sophie Frets (Hansen) and Bruce Burns. My maternal grandparents were Walter and Edna Hansen. I introduce myself in this way to honor my ancestry, homelands, and relationships, each of which informs my art.



Angela Toci

Angela Toci is a lifelong Alaskan and was born and raised on Kodiak Island. Drawing inspiration from her love of the ocean and nature she uses sea water to add a little bit of Alaska to each piece she creates. She works from her living room studio in Kodiak where she paints as a way to savor the beauty of the natural world.

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Myra Scholze

Myra Scholze was born and raised in Kodiak, Alaska and recently moved back to work at the Kodiak History Museum. When she’s not creating, she is often chasing her pint-sized dogs down beaches and up mountains, or curled up with a book. She enjoys ceramics, painting, drawing, sewing, writing, and teaching kid’s art classes.


Tasnah Bercy

Made By Tasnah features cards for all occasions, prints, and stickers from original watercolors. Designs are inspired by the amazing array of wildlife, plant life, and marine life on Kodiak Island!


Jennifer Culbertson

Jennifer spends much of her time in the field, closely encountering bears and other various wildlife.  She has been known to build relationships with her subjects before painting them, explaining why her work really reaches out to grab your attention.  Through connection, color and her use of confident brushstrokes, Jennifer reveals painting style with ease.  


Amarie Young

Amarie Young grew up in Tornado Alley of America, but mostly in small town Central Texas.  She currently resides in Chiniak, Alaska on Kodiak Island.  She is an artist, photographer, seamstress, mother and cabin dweller by the ocean.  


Erica Ross

Acrylic painting is first love 

Enjoys drawing to good music

Watercolor on occasion 

Education coordinator for the arts council by day

Boy mom 

Elementary Teacher 

Featured artists

in the gallery

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Rosalee Stokes

A young Kodiak artist.  She loves drawing dragons, monsters and things she makes up in her head. She also loves the outdoors and hockey. 


Bruce Nelson

Bruce Nelson, is local to Kodiak Island, but is known throughout Alaska as a painter that captures the essence of Alaskan wildlife and landscapes.

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