Frame Repair & Joining


  1.  Cut frame legs

  2.  Paint frame edges

  3.  Glue two corners and put into vises, wait half an hour, glue second corners.  Add to vises. Wait another half an hour.

  4.  Remove whole frame. Add appropriate v-nails to each corner of the frame.


A v-nail or wedge nail is inserted into the joint from the underside. This provides strength directly at the source of the joint and does not damage or mar the finished surface of the molding. By inserting the V-nails along the entire length of the diagonal joint it mechanically holds the two surfaces together.  Much like a thread holding a seam together between two pieces of fabric. By tightly holding the two sections together there is far less movement between the two sections and thus the glue joint maintains its integrity more readily.  Another benefit is the strength provided by the V-nail extends  from the underside of the frame deeper, or further up into the crown or front surface of the frame. This helps the frames corners resist twisting forces applied to the joint.

2017 Mill Bay Road, Kodiak Alaska

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