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A group local artists will be offering their wares during our 3 Holiday Makers Market pop-ups,

check out new artists every week! 

Tuesday - Friday 11am-6pm

Saturday 11am-4pm

#1  Nov. 28th -Dec. 3rd

Steve Routsalainen

Wood Working - Jewelry boxes, mirrors, ect.

Marina Thomas

Prints, Stickers, Hand Dyed Yarn

Learn more about Marina...

Bruce Nelson

Original Oil paintings & Prints

Learn more about Bruce...

#2 Dec. 6th -10th

Made by Tasnah

Cards, prints, stickers, candles

Learn more about Tasnah...

Birch Tree Blooms

Ornaments, pendants, framed artwork,

originals, prints, cards, stickers

Learn more about Angela...

Nerka Designs

Watercolor prints and cards, stickers,

ceramic earrings, fabric banners

Learn more about Myra...


#3 Dec. 13th - 17th

Lightworks Kodiak

Laser-cut wood working & Ornaments

Sally Troxell

Tie-Dyes clothes & housewares

Learn more about Sally...


Kodiak Spruce Works

Spruce Sculptures for inside and outside the house

Artists if you are interested in participating next year please sign up below! The Market would be set up in the back bay area of the Frame Shop and be open during business hours: Tuesday - Friday 11am-6pm and Saturday 11am-4pm.  Artists will set up on Monday 11-3 and then take down Saturday evening 4-5pm.  The Frame Shop and our staff will promote the show and process all sales and restock items.

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