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Summer Solstice Celebration

Win prizes by getting stamped at these participating businesses:

Ardinger's & Alexandra's Salon

Kodiak Furniture

The Frame Shop

Eye care Excellence


Big Ray's

Harborside coffee & Flyby coffee


Grand Slam toys and games

Kodiak Island Brewing co.

Near Island Coffee

Arctic Chiropractic

Island Freeze


Compass rose quilting

Bases Loaded

58 Degrees North

Stamp Cards

A visit to a participating business from June 20th - June 23rd will receive one stamp on their card (only one entry stamp per store). If a purchase is made at that store they receive another stamp for a total of two stamps (only one purchase stamp per store). Once the card has 8 stamps put it into any participating stores entry box. Each individual business will have a box presented in their own way whether its a basket box etc...



Each business will draw one winner at the end of the day Saturday June 23rd.  Each business is in charge of contacting their winner and how long they chose to give their winner to collect their prize.

Solstice Sales

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