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Erica Ross


Born and raised in South Texas, Erica was immersed in Hispanic culture where she fell in love with the artwork and bold use of color. She started private painting lessons at the age of 6 with retired art teacher Norma Lynn Wood. Ms. Wood was a well known artist and teacher that had a very distinct 70’s impressionistic aesthetic. Merging Ms. Wood’s work and the art of the Hispanic culture, Erica’s artwork developed into an homage to the two than can be seen in her work today. Erica continued her art education through college where she received her Bachelor’s of science in interdisciplinary studies. After college she traveled through Europe and found herself living in different parts of our great nation. Each unique place

offered a different style of art, inspiration, and classes that helped to grow her skill set.

When Erica is not painting or creating, she can be found at the beach or in her garden with her boys. She’d like to remind whoever is reading this and made it to the end that each day is a gift and we should all embrace the wild and beautiful ride. We all have a different lens that we view life through. Your view matters, is unique, and she encourages you to share it in your own creative outlet.


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